What It’s Like in The Medical Field: Medical Administration


The medical field offers a wide variety of careers with endless possibilities. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which path to pursue. One popular choice among our students is becoming a Healthcare Administrator. HMC provides both a 15-month healthcare diploma program and a 24-month Associate Applied Science (AAS) program to begin your journey in this profession. Unlike medical assistants, who interact with patients, healthcare administrators do valuable work behind the scenes to prepare information needed for billing and payment of medical care. If you’ve ever received a medical bill, you may have an HMC graduate to thank [...]

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Bringing Resources Directly to Students


In a perfect world, life would pause when you enroll in school. We know that focusing on your studies might be easier with a guarantee that your responsibilities would be handled, your loved ones taken care of, and your bills paid on time while you’re enrolled in a program. Hawai‘i Medical College (HMC) understands that this perfect world does not exist for many of us who choose to invest in our careers through education. As Hawai‘i’s long standing, locally owned medical career college, we’re in touch with the unique roadblocks our students may face when making the choice to enter school. [...]

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What It’s Like in The Medical Field: Medical Assistants


The medical field is a diverse landscape of careers that offers limitless opportunities. These choices are so numerous that it can be overwhelming to understand which career path you might be interested in committing to. One profession that many of our students choose is Clinical Medical Assistant. HMC offers both a 15-month healthcare diploma and 24-month Associate Applied Science (AAS) program to start your career as a medical assistant.  If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office, you’ve likely interacted with a medical assistant who finished a program like those at HMC. Medical assistants may follow a variety of career pathways [...]

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Hawai‘i Medical College Celebrates 15 Years


Join us in celebrating 15 years as Hawai‘i’s accredited, accessible, and supportive vocational education preparing students for successful careers in the healthcare field.  We’ve come a long way since our first year serving students. Hawaii Medical College (HMC) first opened its doors on May 10th, 2007, in a communal office space. Over the next years we grew out of our original home, with classrooms and clinical spaces spanning multiple floors in our current building. When COVID hit, we changed with the times again, converting programs to predominantly online formats to ensure students could continue learning despite the pandemic’s challenges. Now, we [...]

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HMC Fireside Chat: Let’s Talk About Federal Student Aid


We recently held a Fireside Chat with Director of Financial Aid, Jennifer Olevson. Financial aid can be confusing, but you're better off trying to understand it.  We want to help you find a way to go to school at an affordable price and get a great job when you're done!

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HI NOW Feature: Preparing Students For Future In Health Care


Hawaii Medical College is a local institution with 15 years of providing the state with medical assistants. With the growing need of medical care, HMC assists their students to become well-trained support roles in the in-demand field of healthcare. Within 15 to 24 months of training, students are able to leave with an associates degree or diploma. Hawaii Medical College’s passion is to provide all their graduates with well-paying stable careers providing both online and in-person classes along with financial need assistance. Check out our feature by HI NOW

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New Website For Hawaii Medical College


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Honolulu, HI, July 7, 2022. Hawaii Medical College (HMC) has launched a new website to better tell its story and to inform potential students, current students, and alumni about what is happening at the college and in the industry. Hawaii Medical College offers Diploma and Degree programs for careers in the healthcare field. Now, more than ever the need for Medical Assistants, Nurse Aides, Billing & Coding as well as Business & IT personnel is at an all-time high. A vocational education at Hawaii Medical College helps graduates find employment with in-demand, stable careers in healthcare. The loss [...]

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