Our founder, Ashton Cudjoe, has a message for you — “Believe that you can!” This message is the foundation of our mission here at HMC. As noted in a recent video available on our website, our objective at Hawaii Medical College is to help our students believe in the philosophy that goals are achievable. By believing this as truth, we can overcome the barriers we set before ourselves that tell us it’s not worth it to try. At HMC, if you do the work, things will come to pass for your benefit. 

We understand that students come to HMC from a wide range of life experiences. Despite whatever barriers our students may have overcome to enroll, they can relax knowing that graduating from HMC means entering their next chapter with the practical, applied skills necessary to begin a secure, well-paying career in the continuously growing medical field.

We put extreme care into helping our students feel supported. Whether it’s help with coursework, career services, or support services, we understand that when others believe in you, it becomes easier to believe in yourself. To learn more about our mission and explore the programs we offer, go to hmi.edu.