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Alumni Association

About: The Hawaii Medical College Alumni Association unites all alumni through an organization dedicated to reconnecting, inspiring, and engaging HMC’s alumni an instilling pride in their work done here at HMC.

Mission: The Hawaii Medical College Alumni Association’s purpose is to assist, engage, support and inspire alumni to build the strongest bond and foster lifelong connections between HMC and it’s graduates.

Membership Benefits

Benefits to HMCAA Subscription

  • Life long assistance with Career opportunities and assistance
    No matter where you are or how long ago you graduated, HMC’s Career Services is here to help you always get the job you dream of!
  • Maintain communication with your prior classmates
    Build and strengthen your professional network and keep lifelong friends
  • Provide feedback to improve Hawaii Medical College
    HMC Alumni Association is designed for Alumni LIKE YOU! We want your input so that we can help you get the most out of your prior education at HMC.
  • Be informed of changes and new programs
    HMC is always growing, changing and offering new programs. Being an HMC Alumni helps you get notice of new opportunities first!
  • Be invited to alumni special events and recognitions
    Get notice of Alumni Special events to be able to socialize, network, and most of all have fun with other alumni!
  • Free Giveaways and Prizes!
    Don’t miss out on opportunities for giveaways, contests, and prizes that are offered to Alumni only!

All of our graduates get to use the career services benefits for as long as they need assistance – FREE!

Some of the individualized services available to our current students and graduates are:

  • Career Portfolio Workshops
  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Job Interview Techniques (Mock Interviews)
  • Job Search Skills & Strategies
  • Individual Career Coaching
  • Professional Resume Review and Editing

Since each student has different interests, abilities, and goals, students receive individual employment assistance counseling and career guidance.

To schedule an appointment today with a Career Services team member, please call us at (808) 427-2146 or contact them directly at the phone numbers below.

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