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Faculty & Staff Directory

Hawaii Medical College is Hawaii’s Largest Locally-Owned Career College. Our dedicated team of faculty and administrative staff make it possible to provide the very best education for our students. We love hearing from you. Contact Us below!

Name Title Email
Allyson Fukuyama Faculty afukuyama@hmi.edu
Andre West Dr. Director of Online Education awest@hmi.edu
Ashley Wang Education Support Liason awang@hmi.edu
Ashton Cudjoe President & CEO ashton@hmi.edu
Bill Jarvis Chairman bill.jarvis@hmi.edu
Bradley Taguinod Director of Financial Aid btaguinod@hmi.edu
Christine Udarbe Director of Education cudarbe@hmi.edu
Cheryl Char Director of Academic Support char@hmi.edu
Chris Okumoto Faculty cokumoto@hmi.edu
Chyanne Cabrera Extern Coordinator ccabrera@hmi.edu
David Lee Director of Outreach dlee@hmi.edu
Ericka Matamua Faculty ematamua@hmi.edu
Ismael Mendoza Students Account Manager imendoza@hmi.edu
James Hawkins Director of Marketing jhawkins@hmi.edu
Jimmy Ayento Faculty jayento@hmi.edu
Jetta Tobin Office Manager jetta@hmi.edu
Josephine Busano Payroll/HR/Benefits/Plan Administrator jbusano@hmi.edu
Joshua Mendoza Associate Director of Student Services jmendoza@hmi.edu
Julie Bannister Associate Director of Admissions jbannister@hmi.edu
Justin Merrill Facilities Manager jmerrill@hmi.edu
Ka’iwi Schucht Student Services Advisor kschucht@hmi.edu
Kelson Oshiro Faculty koshiro@hmi.edu
Kesha Unciano Faculty kunciano@hmi.edu
Kevin Awaya  Dr. Faculty kawaya@hmi.edu
Kevin Borras Director of IT & Facilities kborras@hmi.edu
Kiana Awong Pharmacy Technician Coordinator kawong@hmi.edu
Len Tanaka Faculty tanaka@hmi.edu
Lynette Liberato Admissions Advisor lliberato@hmi.edu
Mamivir Aquino Clinical Instructor maquino@hmi.edu
Megan Wharton Faculty mwharton@hmi.edu
Melissa Burwen Student Services Advisor mburwen@hmi.edu
Michell-Lyn Acorda Financial Aid macorda@hmi.edu
Nida Ortega Clinical Externship Coordinator nortega@hmi.edu
Olivia Villaflores Financial Aid Advisor ovillaflores@hmi.edu
Perfecto Salvador Faculty psalvador@hmi.edu
Renz Beltran Accounting Manager rbeltran@hmi.edu
Ron Claxton Clinical Medical Assisting Program Coordinator rclaxton@hmi.edu
Sarah Vanterpool Faculty vanterpool@hmi.edu
Shannon Hammond Faculty shammond@hmi.edu
Shelley Fernandez Faculty sfernandez@hmi.edu
Shelby Williams Admissions Coordinator swilliams@hmi.edu
Sidney Ayakawa Student Services Advisor sayakawa@hmi.edu
Stiven Vargas Student Accounts svargas@hmi.edu
Susan Hagedorn HABC Program Coordinator shagedorn@hmi.edu
Travis Ho Admissions Advisor tho@hmi.edu
Wilma Ulep Faculty wulep@hmi.edu
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