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As Hawaii’s largest locally-owned career college for 10 years, Hawaii Medical College provides a supportive and care-oriented learning environment for our students.  Our professional staff trains our students to be successful in a variety of medical careers from medical billing and coding to office assistants and pharmacy technicians.  We provide support and guidance to a variety of students from military veteran to high-school graduates to ensure there are successful in their chosen careers.

Please contact our admissions office for more information about how you can join our growing ohana.  Mahalo and welcome to Hawaii Medical College!


You’re Our Ohana

Hawaii Medical College offers a variety of financial assistance options to help you decide to invest in your future. Choose from a combination of options including financial aid. You might also qualify for various federal financial aid programs or military benefits. We can help you look into the best choices for you.

It’s our goal to remove as many roadblocks as we can for our students. One concern for many students is finding flexible, affordable childcare so that they can attend school. Our Student Services department can help you. They can connect you with programs that offer subsidies for different aged children. Among those available are PATCH, Childcare Connection, Pre-school Open Doors, and others!

If you’re looking for a job while in school, Hawaii Medical College is here for you. Our flexible schedules make it possible to be working while attending getting your education. Our Career Services department works with students individually for employment assistance counseling.

We want you to be successful while in school and after you graduate. Our Career Services department works with students and graduates individually for career guidance and employment assistance counseling. We’re here for you immediately after you graduate and into your future — whenever you need us.

Hawaii Medical College offers education in a number of different ways:  In Classroom, Online and Hybrid (some of both). If you are comfortable on a computer and the internet, self-motivated and willing to participate in online classroom discussions, an online program may be right for you. Our Admissions Counselors can tell you more.