Students in medical scrubs engage in hands-on training and take notes in a classroom setting, representing the comprehensive healthcare education at Hawaii Medical College.

Hawaii Medical College has been at the forefront of placing people in important roles since 2007. For over a decade, they have seen the ebbs and flows that have currently led to the industry’s biggest need for medical assistants in over a decade. But what exactly is a Clinical Medical Assistant? Is this a position that’s right for you? 

First of all, a Medical Assisting career is one of the fastest-growing careers in Hawaii. If you don’t already have a college degree, or you’re looking to change careers without spending years in school, in as little as 15 months, you can be out working hands-on duties with real patients. This job is one of the more crucial positions in the healthcare industry because it allows doctors and caregivers to focus on what they need.

Medical assistants play an important role in almost every function of patient care. The major functions of a medical assistant vary from taking a patient’s medical history to hands-on patient care. Oftentimes, they are needed in front-office management as well, which makes the medical assistant in Hawaii incredibly versatile for job placement. 

Not only does the position have many career opportunities, but it is also a career that actually makes a difference. With our training, you’ll be great both assisting the front office and with hands-on patient care. You will be a valuable member of the team and in line to pursue any avenues you want in the future. On top of that, the average medical assistant makes over $20.00 per hour in the state of Hawaii, which is a great place to start, given that the certification takes less than two years to obtain.  

So, what are you waiting for? Hawaii Medical College has everything you need, from help with application and financial aid to even a free laptop to keep you in order for you to achieve the success you deserve. Don’t wait. Make the call today!