2022 Graduate Students

Hawaii Medical College (HMC) offers a unique array of programs that can lead to your financial success. Receiving your A.A.S. degree from HMC increases your likelihood of getting hired quickly and, more importantly, for higher pay than you would receive compared to just getting your diploma. 

People often associate salary increases with a four-year degree. However, those who earn an associate degree can expect to see some benefits when it comes to their wages, too. And those increased earnings are likely to accumulate over time: Starting out with a higher salary (or boosting your wages in the middle of your career with a postsecondary degree) can help you make exponentially more over your lifetime. The financial benefits are substantial. Median weekly wage for those with an associate degree is about 18% higher than that of high school graduates. Over the length of a career, that can really add up. To break it down into specifics, that leads to about an extra $150 each week or up to several thousand over the course of a year. Associate degree programs will cost slightly more than attaining a diploma because there is more training involved, but the salary increase due to having your A.A.S. degree will make it worth it in the long run. 

An associate degree can be an important milestone on the way to a successful career. It provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the workforce, without requiring the four-year commitment of a bachelor’s degree before you can enter the field of your choice. With an associate degree, you can improve your earning potential and open up new opportunities for your future.

Hawaii Medical College is among a board of accredited schools. Many employers will not consider associate degree graduates from unaccredited schools, so it is important to choose a school that holds accreditation from an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Here at HMC, you can earn an A.A.S. degree in Clinical Medical Assisting or in Healthcare Administration, Billing & Coding. Ask us about our programs. Our goal is to personally guide you to financial success. We have the resources, programs, and team that go the extra mile. Check out some of our programs at hmi.edu