Medical Billing and Coding: A person in medical attire working on multiple computer screens displaying spreadsheets and data.

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes in a hospital or clinic? Who are the people making sure that the doctors and nurses are being assisted? Exactly who is it that’s ensuring that patients are billed correctly and that the insurance companies handle their end of the bargain? This is the role of the Healthcare Administrator, Billing & Coding professional, and Hawaii Medical College has an amazing program that can take you there. These crucial team members work behind the scenes to make the decisions for the proper running of healthcare facilities. They help maintain records of patients for the medical staff. 

Healthcare Administrators who perform billing and coding tasks have in-depth knowledge of the diverse needs of patient care. Their responsibilities are essential to the smooth running of a medical facility or a health insurance provider. While not working directly with patients, there is still an extensive skill list required to be successful in these important positions.  Healthcare Administrators need to be passionate about the patient experience. Their excellent communication can bridge the gap between policy and personnel. They should be detail-oriented and able to understand the intricacies of procedures, codes, and billing. They must be able to multitask and will wear a lot of hats for different situations. 

Hawaii Medical College will help you cultivate the skills needed to fulfill one of these crucial roles in the healthcare industry. Skills like: 

  • Administrative skills: Knowing how a successful business needs to run ensures that Healthcare Administrators are financially responsible and productive, learning accounting and word processing applications.
  • Communication: Business Communications is an important course taught to Healthcare Administrators because clear communication is a major part of any administrator’s daily tasks. They must communicate effectively with physicians, insurance providers, and staff. They must also be able to understand reports and records.
  • Teamwork: Healthcare Administrators work with staff and insurance providers, as well as patients, to provide cohesive information to all involved parties. They must also learn Principles of Management to effectively lead and guide other team members when such action is called for. 
  • Organization: As with any other business, organization is key to achieving goals and completing time-sensitive projects. Spreadsheet applications, business planning, and even organizational behaviors are all courses offered to achieve this.  
  • Budgeting: Depending on the size of the facility, business administrators will sometimes need to learn how to budget in the millions of dollars. This includes understanding marketing and business math, as well as accounting and QuickBooks applications.
  • Quality assurance: Business laws and regulations in the healthcare industry are very strict. That means that Healthcare Administrators must hold themselves to higher standards. Ethics and policy enforcement should be at the forefront for any candidate.

Hawaii Medical College has the highest placement rate for healthcare employees, and that includes Healthcare Administrators. This can be a highly lucrative position for anyone willing to take on the seriousness of such a role. The available program offers multiple certifications to get you on your path, plus the use of a laptop to get through the coursework. 

What are you waiting for? 

Get started on your path to Healthcare Administration, Billing & Coding today.