Honolulu, HI, April 24, 2023. Seeing the growing need for trained, consistent care for our aging population, HMC HomeCare was conceived within Hawaii Medical College. The license to operate was granted in April 2023. HMC HomeCare aims to deliver constant, trusted care through trained staff, assessed and monitored by experienced leadership. Hawaii Medical College has prepared a large number of staff members and taught them by qualified caregivers.

HMC HomeCare offers families seeking assistance for an aging or ill adult experienced, trained care that is not only task-oriented. The caregivers strive to engage with those they care for. They are there to ease the concerns of families and the cared-for by being consistent and interacting with clients in the way that the clients prefer. Caregivers help seniors maintain their sense of independence while being assisted and safe.

HMC HomeCare offers a unique tool to help seniors and families determine the level of care needed, whether it is check-in service a couple of times a week or a set number of hours per week or day. The homecare calculator on the website can give families an idea of what care may cost. It is a preliminary estimate. An in-person meeting will make a true determination of needs.

Another unique component of HMC HomeCare is their respect and care of staff by providing full-time positions, good wages, and benefits. This will help keep staffing consistent and will lead to exceptional care.

“There is a huge and growing need in our community for stable, consistent care for the elderly,” stated Charis Matsuwaki of HMC HomeCare. “We are pleased to be able to assist seniors and families who need care for their loved ones.”

HMC HomeCare is ready to work with clients and service all of Oahu. Staff is available for flexible schedules on all days and times. Find out more at HMCHomeCare.com.