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Free Computer Hawaii Medical College

Up To $3000** Off!

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Giving you the tools to succeed.

At Hawaii Medical College, we ensure you have the tools to succeed in your new career.  That includes the free use of a premium Microsoft Surface Go computer & tablet combination.  Your new computer is equipped with Windows 10 Pro, Word, Excel, and all the software you’ll need while you attend Hawaii Medical College.  We’ll help you get the computer literacy skills medical employers are looking for.

When you graduate from your program, the system is yours to keep*** as our gift to you.  That’s right. You put in the effort, and you get to keep the computer system that helped you get there.

Computer literacy is a critical part of your success in the medical field, and at Hawaii Medical College, we ensure you’re equipped to succeed.

The Hawaii Medical College Technology Advantage program is provided to all students who complete successful enrollment with the college for the July 2019 program start and beyond.  This initiative gives all HMC students the opportunity to train on the cutting edge Microsoft Surface Go with Windows 10 Professional and Office program suite.  Used in most of the professional offices in Hawaii, the Windows operating system and Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) are part of the computer literacy package medical employers are looking for in hiring employees.

Graduate Computer Gift Program

Students who have enrolled from the July 2019 start forward will receive a premium Microsoft Surface Go computer system for their use.  This system is both a powerful Windows 10 computer and a fully functional tablet providing the necessary tools and ease of use in a variety of on and off-campus educational environments.  Students from the July and August 2019 starts who successfully graduate from any Hawaii Medical College program and have fulfilled all of their financial obligations to the college will receive their Microsoft Surface Go computer free of charge.

Technology Fee & Costs

The Hawaii Medical College Technology Fee of $650.00 was implemented to ensure the college stays consistent with the changing demands of today’s digital learning environment.  The fee is applicable to all students enrolled (new, re-enrollments, transfers) for the July 2019 start moving forward.  The fee ensures the college can sufficiently and proactively provide for the ongoing maintenance and necessary upgrades that affect a student’s interaction with technology that directly impacts their on-campus and distance learning experience.  These activities include but aren’t limited to software and hardware maintenance and upgrades, campus-wide wireless networks, information technology support services, software licensing, and computer network security concerns.

Technology Fee Usage

  • To ensure the school can provide, maintain, and upgrade emerging technology and make it available to all students to reinforce and enhance their learning experience.
  • To ensure all students have access to equitable technology resources
  • To maintain classroom and campus-wide technology access
  • Promote and maintain on-campus and distance learning management software
  • Staff training for emerging technologies that benefit the student experience
  • Faculty technology needs to ensure consistent support for student communication and learning
  • Academic support services provided on-ground and online
  • Maintain and upgrade all security protocols to ensure adequate protection for students and college personnel