A stethoscope and a red heart-shaped object on a desk, with a person writing in the background. Represents healthcare and medical education.

On top of the global COVID-19 pandemic, an unforeseen event happened to tens of thousands of Americans across the country in 2020. It was stressful, leading to things like anxiety, depression, and the fear that nothing would ever get back to normal. 

This event? Job loss.

Businesses were hit hard by COVID-19. Among the top were the airlines, restaurants, retail, and hospitality fields. Layoffs reached epic numbers, and many small business owners were forced to close their doors permanently. Even now, many of these industries scramble to get some semblance of the way things used to be, and most are having limited success. 

Among the most impacted areas of employment was (and still is) the healthcare industry. The influx of patients during the pandemic took its toll on medical staff all around the world. Exhaustion and frustration claimed their fair share of jobs as well, as many employees succumbed to impossible conditions. Those who stayed were forced to take on the roles of those who did not, adding to the stress of an already difficult situation. 

The worst part is that the healthcare industry hasn’t really gotten much better. The doctors and nurses are inundated with paperwork, swamped with administrative duty, and constantly pulling double shifts. For this reason, now more than ever, there is an increased need for medical assistants, administration help, IT support, and billing experts. These important roles take between 15 and 24 months for students to get certified, and they have one of the highest placement rates in the nation. 

So, if you have suffered job loss at the hands of the pandemic, are searching for a career change, or are simply interested in having a career that truly makes a difference, consider getting certified for one of these roles. In Hawaii, the number one facility for finding job placement in these fields is the Hawaii Medical College. 

Hawaii Medical College has been helping people find careers that matter since well before the pandemic. When matriculating at Hawaii Medical College, our students will be able to expect not only the best job placement in the state but also social, childcare, financial, and technical assistance to help them succeed. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make the career change you’ve always wanted. Now is the time.