The Reason You’re Here: Getting Hired Post Grad


If you’re considering Hawaii Medical College, you’ve probably considered what your future might look like as you enter the medical field. Whether you’re hoping to work in healthcare to have a positive impact in your community, job stability, or the diverse opportunities for growth you’ll encounter, the first hurdle you’ll face post-grad is getting your first job. While we understand the anxiety and pressure you might feel, we’re here to remind you that HMC is skilled at supporting graduates. So, whether you’re fresh out of school or looking to change careers, here’s how we can help. Securing Your Post-Grad Job: One [...]

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Embracing the Journey: Preparing to Go Back For the First Time in a While


Embarking on the journey of returning to school as an adult after a significant time away from the classroom is an exhilarating and transformative experience. As we grow older, our aspirations and goals may shift, leading us to seek new knowledge, career advancements, or personal fulfillment. That said, it can also feel overwhelming and intimidating. While you’re not alone if you’re experiencing these feelings, there are steps you can take to prepare now so that you don’t have to play catch up later.  Reflecting on Your Motivation: Before diving into the logistics of going back to school, take a moment to [...]

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Leveling Up: Growing Your Career for Years in the Medical Field


The medical field offers a multitude of rewarding and dynamic career opportunities. While a traditional four-year college degree is often perceived as the standard path, obtaining a diploma from a trade school can be a smart and efficient way to launch your career in healthcare. Practical Education and Specialized Training: Trade schools focus on providing practical education and specialized training tailored to specific careers. In the medical field, trade schools offer programs such as medical assisting, healthcare administration, billing & coding, pharmacy technician, advanced nurse aide, and more. These programs combine online instruction with hands-on training, equipping students with the practical [...]

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Do You Really Need College to Succeed? Let’s Cut to the Chase.


High school graduation on the horizon, and clueless about your next move? Or have you been grinding for years and desperate to escape your dead-end job? College may seem like the obvious choice, but before you commit, let's get real about whether it's worth your precious time and hard-earned cash. Truth be told, there are countless ways to carve out a kickass future. Is College a Must for Success?  Sure, plenty of folks credit their college experience for their later triumphs, but here's a reality check: many wildly successful individuals never set foot in a lecture hall or never finished their [...]

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What It’s Like in The Medical Field: Advanced Nurse Aide


' The decision to enter the medical field is an exciting prospect. The purposeful work that takes place within this career path can take many shapes and forms. This diversity and the number of roles one can play within this world is enough to overwhelm anyone who’s at the onset of their journey and deciding which path to commit to. One of the quickest ways to enter the medical field, and a path that many of our students choose, is becoming an Advanced Nurse Aide or Patient Care Technician. The Hawaii Medical College program to enter this career takes 252 hours [...]

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Is Your School Legit? Why Accreditation Matters


Accreditation matters! In recent years, attention has flocked to stories of educational institutions whose purpose was profit over students. These schools, also called “diploma mills,” are primarily interested in churning out graduates as quickly as possible so they can maximize how much they pocket from tuition payments. Recently, one institution was exposed to Stories of diploma mills and educational institutions that take advantage of students.  A recent investigation exposed multiple Florida-based nursing schools for selling thousands of fake diplomas, allowing those who purchased them to sit for national nursing exams. Those who managed to pass have been working with patients across [...]

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What It’s Like in The Medical Field: Medical Assistants


The medical field is a diverse landscape of careers that offers limitless opportunities. These choices are so numerous that it can be overwhelming to understand which career path you might be interested in committing to. One profession that many of our students choose is Clinical Medical Assistant. HMC offers both a 15-month healthcare diploma and a 24-month Associate Applied Science (AAS) program to start your career as a medical assistant.  If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office, you’ve likely interacted with a medical assistant who finished a program like those at HMC. Medical assistants may follow a variety of career [...]

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Exploring Healthcare Careers With The Queens Health System


We recently held a Fireside Chat with our good friends over at the Queen's Health System. We discussed the many healthcare careers and how Hawaii Medical College and Queen's are teaming up to help our students get jobs once they graduate! Watch the video for the full presentation.

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How Can HMC Help Me Get A Higher Income? A Degree!


Hawaii Medical College (HMC) offers a unique array of programs that can lead to your financial success. Receiving your A.A.S. degree from HMC increases your likelihood of getting hired quickly and, more importantly, for higher pay than you would receive compared to just getting your diploma.  People often associate salary increases with a four-year degree. However, those who earn an associate degree can expect to see some benefits when it comes to their wages, too. And those increased earnings are likely to accumulate over time: Starting out with a higher salary (or boosting your wages in the middle of your career [...]

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Healthcare Admin in the Medical Industry


Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes in a hospital or clinic? Who are the people making sure that the doctors and nurses are being assisted? Exactly who is it that’s ensuring that patients are billed correctly and that the insurance companies handle their end of the bargain? This is the role of the Healthcare Administrator, Billing & Coding professional, and Hawaii Medical College has an amazing program that can take you there. These crucial team members work behind the scenes to make the decisions for the proper running of healthcare facilities. They help to maintain records of patients for [...]

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