In a perfect world, life would pause when you enroll in school. We know that focusing on your studies might be easier with a guarantee that your responsibilities would be handled, your loved ones taken care of, and your bills paid on time while you’re enrolled in a program. Hawai‘i Medical College (HMC) understands that this perfect world does not exist for many of us who choose to invest in our careers through education. As Hawai‘i’s long-standing, locally-owned medical career college, we’re in touch with the unique roadblocks our students may face when making the choice to enter school. For this reason, HMC does its best to provide students with resources that reach beyond our campus to make finishing their education as smooth as possible. One example of HMC’s commitment to supporting our students and alumni is our recent Resource Fair. 

Our first Resource Fair took place on December 3rd, 2022 at Aloha Stadium. This event provided resources and opportunities for our students to graduate and secure employment. Our resource fair hosted opportunities to meet potential employers and explore options for externships. Here are the externships and employers present:

  • The Queen’s Health Systems
  • Better Help Online Therapy
  • Hawaii Community Foundation
  • Ohana Pacific Health
  • Rehab Hospital of Hawaii
  • Niu HealthSusannah Wesley Community Center
  • Home Instead
  • Waikiki Health
  • Work Hawaii
  • Small Business Hawaii

Additionally, HMC invited State Assistance Program Reps, who were able to guide participants on ways to register for assistance (SNAP, Housing, Childcare). Some of those were the YWCA, the Domestic Violence Action Center, and Parents & Children Together. Finally, this event allowed current students the opportunity to interact with HMC alumni and ask questions about futures beyond graduation. 

In addition to events like our resource fair, HMC students always have access to our Student Support Services. Here, our staff helps students tackle any and all obstacles that might be weighing on them. Our support team is here to work with students to get the right assistance for issues ranging from childcare needs to substance use issues, mental health concerns, and beyond. More information on our support services can be found at