Billing, Coding, and You

Are you detail-oriented? Great with math or numbers? Want to work in the fast-paced and growing healthcare field? If so, you are probably a perfect fit for our Healthcare Administration, Billing, and Coding program at Hawaii Medical College.

In today’s healthcare field, medical billing and coding professionals play an essential part in the Hawaii healthcare industry. As a professional medical coder, both the healthcare environment in which you work and the insurance companies depend upon you to correctly prepare the information needed for billing and payment. But what exactly does a medical coder do?

Medical Coders are responsible for translating what doctors and practitioners do for patients into organized information for the patient’s medical records. Each procedure and treatment has its own unique identifiers that have to be properly recorded for present and future treatments. It is imperative that the individual in charge of these records be accurate and precise in order to ensure that the proper code is entered correctly. Not only is this important for upcoming treatments, but it is also important for the proper billing for the patient so that they aren’t overcharged for services that weren’t rendered in the first place.  

While what the medical coders do is very important, a billing and coding professional’s contribution to the entire team of providers they work with is even more crucial. A skilled coder can handle the demands of an entire office, thereby freeing up time that would have to be allocated to others without the specialty. Without enough coders, a bottleneck is often created, causing all sorts of administrative difficulties that could have adverse effects on patients. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to make a difference in an ever-growing field and have a detail-oriented mind, Medical Coding and Billing is for you. Find out more information at Hawaii Medical College today.