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Classes Start September 23rd
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Online Courses

Hawaii Medical College is now offering online classes toward its HABC and HHS programs.  So if you are a full-time employee, live on the neighbor islands or simply prefer the convenience of online classes our new ONLINE schedules are designed just for you.

To start learning on your time, please contact one of our trained Admissions Counselors today through the form above or by phone: (808) 725-3101

How To Become An Online Student

Your Benefits
Fully online courses are classes in which the course content and instruction are delivered through the web using the Moodle learning management system.*

[*] Note: students may be required to take midterm and final exams with Respondus Lockdown browser.

Online Courses

Follow these instructions to view all Online options for Winter 2019:

  • Under “My Courses,” select More, then select HMC Department of Online Education Department. Search for courses in the “search courses” box.
  • Choose the appropriate course from the drop-down menus.
  • Scroll down to view available online courses.
Delivery Method Course Number Credits Course Name
Online HMI 100 3 Career Preparation
Online HMI 102 3 Word Processing Applications
Online HMI 103 3 Spreadsheet Applications
Online HMI 108A 3 Medical Terminology I
Online HMI 108B 3 Medical Terminology II
Online HMI 106 3 Medical Law & Ethics
Online HMI 806 3 American History
Online HMI 807 3 Math for Health Professionals
Online HMI 805 3 Sociology



Additional information about course content and requirements is available from the HMC Education Department.

The best time to call is between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. See school catalog for phone numbers.

ARE ONLINE COURSES FOR ME?2018-09-12T08:22:59-10:00

To be successful in an online course, students should be:

➢ Comfortable using a computer

➢ Understand how to navigate web sites

➢ Able to communicate well in writing

Self-motivated and self-discipline

➢ Able to commit from 9 to 12 hours per week per course

➢ Willing to participate in online classroom discussions


Students in online (fully online and hybrid courses) MUST HAVE access to a computer which has a connection to the Internet. The computer can be a PC or a Macintosh. In addition, access requires a web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

HOW DO I TAKE EXAMINATIONS?2018-09-12T08:19:07-10:00

Most courses will require Respondus Lockdown Browser. Students will need to download the application. Some online courses may require students to come to campus for a mid-term and final examination or schedule a proctored exam. The Department of Online Education may serve as a proctor for examinations taken outside faculty scheduled times. Proper college identification will be required at testing sessions. Students who cannot come to campus may make special proctoring arrangements with the Department of Online Education and their faculty member.

HOW CAN I REGISTER FOR IDL COURSES?2018-09-12T08:18:39-10:00

Students who have been admitted to HMC can register for IDL courses as part of the normal registration process. Most students will be able to register through the Student Information and Registration System (often referred to as “MyHMC”). Individuals who have never attended HMC may apply as a Diploma or Degree Student. To obtain complete instructions and the appropriate application visit the College’s website at ncc.edu/admissions/apply/application.shtml

WHAT IS “IDL”?2018-09-12T08:18:06-10:00

Interactive Distance Learning is a planned teaching/learning experience in which the instructor and students are separated by physical distance and/or time and use a wide spectrum of media to communicate. Interactive Distance Learning courses are comparable to courses taught in a face-to-face classroom environment at HMC. They are taught by HMC instructors, carry the same number of credits, can be applied to degree or elective requirements and are accepted for transfer (institution-dependent).

It is important for students to realize that courses offered through IDL are NOT easier than courses provided through face-to-face instruction. Students need to be motivated and disciplined, and they may be required to submit assignments, participate in threaded discussions and complete examinations by designated deadlines.

HOW IS AN ONLINE COURSE CONDUCTED?2018-09-12T08:21:25-10:00

An email will be sent to all registered online students to their HMC email account about a week before the class is scheduled to begin. At that time students will be informed about how to log into their online course. Moodle provides the instructor with a wide variety of features to create an online course including discussion boards, chatrooms, web links, and assignments and assessment tools.

I was loving my classes at Hawaii Medical College, but I kept having babysitter problems. I thought I would have to drop out and lose all of me progress. Now, the online program will let me finish my program — so I can get the job I want!

Mai T., Future Pharmacy Tech

HMC was great and I started my program and finally had a great goal for my future. But, ho, the commute was killing me. Almost 4 hours in traffic every day! Now with HMC Online I can do classes online. And I can spend those 4 hours on things I actually like doing.

Kai S., Future Medical Coder

I have to work at 2 jobs until I can get the career I want. I have been working towards Medical Assisting. But, my work schedules keep changing and I thought I’d have to give up school. Now with HMC’s Online programs, I’ll be back on track to get that career!

Anthony B., Future Medical Assistant