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Online Medical Classes Hawaii Medical College

Up To $3000** Off!

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Hawaii Online Medical Classes & Programs

Flexible for your busy lifestyle.

Online medical classes on your mind?  We can help! Hawaii Medical College is now offering online classes toward its Clinical Medical Assistant degree and diploma and programs in Billing and Coding.  So if you are a full-time employee or simply prefer the convenience of online classes, our classes and programs are designed just for you.

Online Clinical Medical Assistant Classes

Hawaii Online Medical Assisting classes.

Online Medical Billing & Coding

Hawaii Online Medical Billing & Coding.

  • Online medical classes to fit your busy schedule.

  • Free laptop computer & tablet to use.

  • Financial Aid available.

  • Begin your new online Hawaii medical career today.

I was loving my classes at Hawaii Medical College, but I kept having babysitter problems. I thought I would have to drop out and lose all of me progress. Now, the online program will let me finish my program — so I can get the job I want!

Mai T., Future Pharmacy Tech

HMC was great and I started my program and finally had a great goal for my future. But, ho, the commute was killing me. Almost 4 hours in traffic every day! Now with HMC Online I can do classes online. And I can spend those 4 hours on things I actually like doing.

Kai S., Future Medical Coder

I have to work at 2 jobs until I can get the career I want. I have been working towards Medical Assisting. But, my work schedules keep changing and I thought I’d have to give up school. Now with HMC’s Online programs, I’ll be back on track to get that career!

Anthony B., Future Medical Assistant

Now Accepting August Start Applications
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